About Zriha

About Zriha Hlavin Industries

The Zriha group was founded in 1967 as a sophisticated plastic injection molding plant and evolved into a leading group of companies that provide a broad spectrum of services for the design, development and manufacturing of plastic injection molding products.  

From conception to production and everything in between - product development, injection mold prototyping, mold production, finished assemblies, along with metal fabrication and electronic assembly services – our custom solutions are all provided under one roof and designed to meet the growing needs of our customers.

Full turn-key solutions in all stages of the product development & production

The unique structure of Zriha group offers exceptional flexibility in the provision of end-to-end solutions, including plastic injections and complex products that require special competencies such as integration of plastics with other materials and electronic assemblies.

Furthermore, the structure of the group and our divisions enables us to meet the specific needs, preferences and budget of our clients in every stage of product development and production.

First-class engineering capabilities and advanced technologies

With over 40 years of experience in advanced technologies, the divisions in Zriha Group

specialize in custom plastic injection molding along with metal fabrication and electronic assemblies. These capabilities enable us to provide bespoke solutions for innovative products that require the integration of plastics with other materials and/or electronic systems along with coatings and ultrasonic welding. And yes, we do all that for a variety of industries such aviation, medical devices, robotics and more. 

The best of both worlds - a unique business model

Zriha group operates in a unique business model that combines both professional Israeli development and engineering services along with the highest quality production in our plants in China, compliant with international quality and production standards.

This unique model enables our clients to benefit from both state-of-the-art development services in Israel along with competitive Chinese manufacturing costs.

Ongoing consultation and support

Ongoing consultation and support are an integral part of our organizational identity.

Whether you need services for specific stages of the development and production process, or alternatively, a comprehensive solution that requires ongoing consulting and guidance, we offer expertise based on years of experience combined with technological capacity to meet the full spectrum of our customers' needs.

When it comes to producing prototypes, we offer the option to order samples/prototypes, without the need for an immediate investment in the mold. We do so to examine the product and conduct the necessary modifications and refinements, prior to the actual design and production of the mold.

These options streamline the process and lead to significant savings in the development timeline and costs.


Ehud (Udi) Balaga


Avner Kenan


VP Technologies
Itay Lahav


CEO of Zriha Medical
Assaf Gur


CEO of Zriha Maalot
Pablo Ocampo


CEO of Metalitec
Itzik Karpel


CEO of Seatara
Ido Eilam


Tzvika Schwartz